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WELCOME TO THE 6th Interstellar Corps

We are a group of Commanders in the vast online space game, Elite: Dangerous, who have no single goal, but with the shared goal of advancing our faction in-game. We primarily exist as a group to support one another, to fly together, to help those in need, and to further the cause of the Empire.

We enjoy the little things - a laid back atmosphere, a group of fun people to chat with, community competitions, and the odd dogfight among ourselves just for the hell of it. We promote a mature atmosphere with mutual respect and humour, to the point of our members regularly playing other games together.

Led by the CEO, Mal Reynolds, the 6th Interstellar Corps has no strictly defined rank structure and invites its members to form campaigns, operations, trade runs, etc. and use the 6IC name in their own way so long as it is in a positive manner.

We are always open to new Commanders to join our roster, if this feels like something you'd like to be a part of, please head over to our forums and submit a recruitment form!

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6th Interstellar Admiralty

As a result of this thread and some discussion with our more active members I have come up with the following proposal.

The following members will take on roles in my absence and assuming all goes well will continue to serve in these roles on my return. I have been meaning to give more members more active roles instead of hogging all the fun myself and this is really the perfect opportunity to do so. So, this is not a 'temporary until I return' kind of thing but a permanent change which we will continue to tweak and build on as required.

So, without further ado it gives me great pleasure to announce..

'First Lord of the Admiralty' .. SynDrone

This role is primarily involved with directing our war efforts within the BGS, selecting systems to target, choosing which system to pursue a war in and with whom and so on. He will be supported by the members of the Admiralty, the 6IC in general and in particular Wolfie67, danux, and Odin_051

'Admiralty Operations' .. danux

This role is primarily involved with maintaining our forum thread "BGS: 6IC Galactic Domination", the "CAMPAIGN:" threads, and the status and news on the primary google sheet, here. He will be supported by the members of the Admiralty, the 6IC in general and in particular Geo and Wolfie67.

'Admiralty Intelligence' .. Geo

This role is primarily involved with maintaining and collecting our intelligence including the Google forms and sheets. He will be supported by the members of the Admiralty, the 6IC in general and in particular Odin_051, and Wolfie67. I will be doing a crash course in what we currently very shortly (aiming for Sat 18th starting @ 9-10pm GMT, at this stage).

'Admiralty Naval Staff' .. Odin_051

This role is primarily involved with administration of new members on the forum and INARA. He will be supported by the members of the Admiralty, the 6IC in general and in particular our existing administrative and moderation team.

Can you each confirm acceptance of your role at your earliest convenience.

It is important to note that this does not change the basic emphasis in the 6IC that all members are equal, these are organisational/administrative roles and not ranks. I have decided not to alter any of the existing Administrator or Moderator positions and will be assigning the required positions to each member of the Admiralty (assuming they accept their position) based on their role requirements. I will also be creating custom forum titles for each of the Admiralty members.

Also, please note that the formation of the Admiralty and it's roles was focused on covering the sorts of things I have been doing personally, with your support, up until now. It does not specifically recognise the long term support and contributions of our other members who perform other and more varied tasks. I am thinking in particular of members like DragoCubX, Driftwood, Stargatemunky, SergeantJammy and the many, many members we have who contribute support and knowledge to our group.

- So say we all.

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