Application CMDR Grifficane

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Application CMDR Grifficane

Postby Grifficane » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:45 pm

1. COMMANDER NAME:Grifficane

2. YOUR NAME: (Optional, we could simply just call you by your commander name if you do not want us to use your real name)

3. AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH: 31/05/00

4. COUNTRY: Canada


6. WHAT IS YOUR PLAYING STYLE IN ELITE? Usually Exploring or Trading, not too much on Combat but i'm not the worst

7. PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Im still in school so i cant play that much, i'm in the Reserve Forces for the Canadian Military

8. WHAT SKILLS AND TALENTS WILL YOU BRING TO THE 6IC? Trading and exploration and just my friendliness, im not hostile and pretty good to get along with

9. WHAT ARE YOUR RANKS IN ELITE? Combat- Novice Exploration- Surveyor Trade-Merchant CQC- Mostly Helpless Imperial Rank- Outsider Federal Rank-Cadet

10. WHAT SHIPS ARE IN YOUR FLEET? Asp Explorer, Dolphin


12. WHY SHOULD WE APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION? Because i am still a fairly new player and i want to be a part of a team and work together with others to enhance my skills

13. JUST FOR FUN, WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PARTY TRICKS / TALENTS? On the weekend i can sleep a surprising 14 hours but then have to die when i go back to school
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Re: Application CMDR Grifficane

Postby Mal Reynolds » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:10 pm

Hey Grifficane!

Welcome 6th Interstellar Corps!

You have been accepted into the 6th Interstellar Corps as a recruit. You will remain a recruit for a short trial period during which you will have limited access to our forums. The purpose of this trial period is to allow us to get to know you, for you to get to know us, allowing us to figure out if the 6IC is right for you. There is an internal promotion mechanism which requires that you get involved and get to know the existing members.

Please read the following post for new recruit information:

Then jump onto Discord and Teamspeak and introduce yourself/get to know the guys. Most real-time chatting goes on on Discord. For voice chat, we're using our own Teamspeak-Server, so if you're ingame and willing to wing up, make sure you're present there for enhanced communication and fun! :)

Mal o7

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