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COMMANDERS, I am pleased to formally announce that the 6th Interstellar Corps has formed a handshake agreement and an alliance with the PALADIN CONSORTIUM. This comes after brief talks between their contact, CMDR Big Pappa, and our own CMDR Yannik Walton where an arrangement was proposed by CMDR Big Pappa to which we have agreed to.

The alliance between these two wings is the first formal alliance that the 6th Interstellar Corps has undertaken, and was done with the best interests of the Wing in mind. The agreement brings to us a group of Commanders who are focused on aiding those in need. The Paladin Consortium aid Commanders who are taking part in Community Goals and are in need of protection from pirates and bullies within Open Play space, they can be called upon to escort and offer assistance and are focused on battling the growing number of 'bully' Wings within the galaxy.

Their mantra is akin to ours, where they promote friendly group atmospheres and help each other out without any pressures or mandatory participation. Part of the arrangement between us is that we will share intelligence on known Pirates within Open Play so that we can best prepare ourselves through knowing who to avoid / hunt. They will also, since they are not a Minor Faction, aim to boost our influence whenever they can.

Please acquaint yourselves with their Wing following this link - http://inara.cz/wing/286

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