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Postby DragoCubX » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:12 am

The 6th Interstellar Corps is now proud to announce that it is allied with GHOST SQUADRON.

IT HAS COME to light that Commanders within the Civilized Galaxy are becoming more alert to the rise in unwarranted attacks and pirating within the Bubble. As such, Wings are reaching out to others in a bid to create a Galaxy-wide net of Commanders focused on eradicating these rogue elements.

Delegates from Ghost Squadron, one of the Galaxy's largest operational Wings, made contact with the former Wing Commander of the 6th Interstellar Corps, Commander Yannik Walton, shortly after he stepped down from the post and handed on the baton to up and coming Commander, Mal Reynolds. In the communication, the delegate spoke with Commander Walton regarding an allegiance to tighten the net around rogue commanders. In effect, the two wings now form a 489 Commander strong battalion strength division that would give any pirate reason to worry.

Protection from Ghost Squadron Commanders to 6th Interstellar Corps Commanders is agreed upon, and vice versa. With this, Commander Walton has requested all 6thIC Commanders to begin to familiarise themselves with the Ghost Squadron - something that could be a rather daunting task.

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