Mundi MRDR Application (Phoenican on Discord until I can change my nick) - ACCEPTED

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Mundi MRDR Application (Phoenican on Discord until I can change my nick) - ACCEPTED

Postby MundiMRDR » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:37 pm


2. YOUR NAME: Mundi (pronounced Munn-dee), for preference. I am easily confused

3. AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH: 16/04/1985



6. WHAT IS YOUR PLAYING STYLE IN ELITE? Bounty hunter these days, before the 17 Drac nerf I spent most of my time there smashing the hell out of combat missions and laughing all the way to the bank.

.. SCROLL DOWN!!! ..

7. PLEASE DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Married with a new kid, I tend to bounce from MMO to MMO and changing things up when I burn out. Have only ever played E:D as a lone wolf but am looking to return after a sabbatical and want to do things a little differently. 6ic looks to be a good place to hang out. Personality wise I like to think of myself as fairly laid back, not interested in drama at all.

8. WHAT SKILLS AND TALENTS WILL YOU BRING TO THE 6IC? Combat, primarily! Always keen to pick up new ones though!

9. WHAT ARE YOUR RANKS IN ELITE? (Combat, Exploration, Trade, CQC, Any allegiances and ranks) Trade, Exploration and CQC are all fairly negligible. Combat is Deadly (So close to Elite I can taste it as I recall)

10. WHAT SHIPS ARE IN YOUR FLEET? Corvette (Heavy Beams, regenerative), Assault Ship, Python, AspX, DBS, Vulture.

11. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? Your Inara page!

12. WHY SHOULD WE APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION? Because of my winning personality and readiness to kill your enemies for half a curly whirly. Also Firefly was one of the greatest sci-fi series ever.

13. JUST FOR FUN, WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PARTY TRICKS / TALENTS? My ability to blend into the crowd so well it is almost like I am not even there to the extent that if you were to go to my house and look through the window there would even be an eerily lifelike facsimilie of me sat at my PC as a decoy.
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Re: Mundi MRDR Application (Phoenican on Discord until I can change my nick)

Postby Mal Reynolds » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:01 pm

Hey CMDR Mundi!

Welcome 6th Interstellar Corps!

You have been accepted into the 6th Interstellar Corps as a recruit. You will remain a recruit for a short trial period during which you will have limited access to our forums. The purpose of this trial period is to allow us to get to know you, for you to get to know us, allowing us to figure out if the 6IC is right for you. There is an internal promotion mechanism which requires that you get involved and get to know the existing members.

Please read the following post for new recruit information:

Then jump onto Discord and introduce yourself/get to know the guys. Most real-time chatting goes on on Discord. For voice chat, we also use Discord, so if you're ingame and willing to wing up, make sure you're present there for enhanced communication and fun! :)

Mal o7

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